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BlackWhole Solutions™ offers Expert-level training to Business Owners, Private Investigators, Human Resource Professionals and Loss Prevention and Security Personnel through 365Trainer.com. This training comes in the form of Continuing Education and Instructional Courses.

The information presented in 365Trainer.com was developed by experts through extensive research, practical experience and literally thousands of hours of field application since 1984. All of the course material found in 365Trainer.com is derived from hands-on investigation and interrogation experience as well as practical everyday business operation processes that include policy and procedure development. This makes 365Trainer.com one of the most comprehensive libraries of courses available.

365Trainer.com provides a collection of highly-engaging, interactive courseware using the most advanced online methods available to assure secure course delivery while maintaining a Username and Password protected record storage and retrieval system.

All courses are updated regularly and designed to promote a ‘familiarity’ with the material making it ‘memorable’ and instantly usable. The majority of course material is based on thousands of interrogations and interviews of employees who provided detailed confessions of their theft and fraud activities as well as other serious violations such as sexual harassment.

Features of the 365 Trainer e-Learning solution:

  • Web-based and designed for quick implementation
  • Proven visual narrative/real-life material
  • Relevant expert-level content
  • Simple, intuitive and ready to use
  • Instructional design using a blended material approach to allow for a higher retention of the content of each course

BlackWhole Solutions™ training is offered 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days a year at your convenience. Consider BlackWhole Solutions™ to be your 24/7/365 Trainer!